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Mod Board Rules
General Rules

All global forum rules apply.

Each thread must start with one of the tags below:

[REL]- upon posting a new mod (a mod release).
[WIP]- upon posting a new mod which is in the process of being completed (testing/criticism purposes).
[MP] or [ModPack]- upon posting multiple mods whether they are related or part of a compilation.
[REQ] or [Request]- upon posting a mod request.

Try not to post without any of these tags or else you'll risk deletion/closing of the thread. If any of the tags do not apply to your situation, it may not be appropriate to post a new thread. The tag should be followed by a descriptive title and/or the name of the mod. If it is a compilation of unrelated mods, feel free to call the thread "[username]'s mods".

A [REL], [WIP], or [MP] thread should include the following information:

  • A few sentences, explaining the objective of the following mod/s
  • The actual mod/s, attached to the opening post
  • A screenshot of the mod, showing the environment and/or gameplay
  • If your mod is an edit/variation of a previous mod, please credit the original author, out of courtesy

If you're requesting a mod:

  • Don't request mods that are already made: Even if you've never seen/heard of it before, please search for it first, and only then post a request if there weren't any answers.
  • Clearly explain your request: Nobody can help you if they aren't sure what it is you're asking for.
  • Include reference images: If applicable, try to include an image or two to help explain what it is you want.

Mod Uploader

Mod Uploader

Don't re-upload other people's mods, even with changed gamerules.

Useful Information


If you have a question: Mod Questions Here
If you would like to know how to make a mod: Mod Tutorials Here or more recently, Clockworkmonkey's Mod Maker Documentation
If you need help with a mod you're making: Feel free to post a thread using the [HELP] tag. Describe the problem/s and how we can help you.
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