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That is unfortunate to hear, friend. I understand where you're coming from with feeling like things won't get better since you've been in the dark for so long, but thinking on the bright side is the first step to happiness.

I have faith you will find it soon enough.

Don't believe in a cripple cause he'll prove you wrong.
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Originally Posted by IIIDARTIII View Post
i am very sorry,
my grandpa got to the hospital, doctors says its could be cancer and also a few more things
rn they r doing different things to understand what exactly they need to do with him
they already did him one operation(eng too bad to describe all of that)
but all of that freaking expensive and it will be needed to do yet 2-3 operations
and since i am living near kyiv(than the others family) i need to go and help my grandpa
and it scares me when i understand how it could turn, and how much money we need to spend and every other things....
im so tired of this fucking life and this fucking country, im already feel myself like 50-60 yrs old, i just wanna have some rest for 2 weeks atleast(i didnt have rest for 3 years),
but who knows when i will be able to do that....
and still dont know when i will be able to be active( if i will have some strength for it)
im sorry guys all my plans about help wapow r fucked so hard....
i will understand if i will be kicked

Oh shit dart, dude don't worry what so ever. Life should comes before this game always, especially if its as serious as this. I'm sure you'll be able to pull through, you always do. I really hope they figure out how to help your Grandfather and help him out. We're rooting for you my guy :)) we love you dart take all the time you need, we'll still be here when you get back.

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