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Toribash Season 2
Season 2 is coming to Toribash!

Season 2 updates

There are two main changes we've prepared for this season: ranking tiers and forum ranking UI. Let's take a closer look at what's been changed:

Raw ELO system we used during Season 1 has been replaced with Ranking Tiers. As you can see on the image above, there are 5 tiers:

  • Elo Hell
  • Bronze Tier
  • Silver Tier
  • Gold Tier
  • Platinum Tier

Ranking Tiers are displayed both in-game and on forum Ranking page. Top players who get to Gold or Platinum will also get their global ranking position displayed in addition to their tier.

In order to get a rank tier during Season 2, any player has to complete 10 qualification fights in ranked mode first. When the first 10 games are over you will get your primary rank tier - which can be Bronze, Silver or Gold depending on qualification fights' outcome. After that you can move up (or down) rank tiers by keeping playing in ranked mode. You will see chat notifications when approaching your next rank tier, and you will see an additional notification when you're about to play a qualification fight.

Forum Ranking UI update

Forum ranking view has undergone some major changes to work with the updated system. Finding other players' ranking stats has been made easier, you can now always see players ranked closest to you and more. See a more detailed breakdown below:

UI Breakdown


Season 2's top players will receive the following prizes:

  • Rank 1: 500K TC, Void+Superior Pack, unique 3D item set.
  • Rank 2: 400K TC, Demon+Demolition Pack, limited edition 3D item set.
  • Rank 3: 300K TC, Pure+Elf Pack, limited edition 3D item set.
  • Platinum Tier: Random Tier X Pack, limited edition 3D item set.
  • Gold Tier: limited edition 3D item.

Season 2 end date is November 18th, 2017.
We have also added 50 TC boosters to Matchmaking that expire next Sunday.

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Do you gain/lose elo while you're playing qualifying matches? Do you gain/lose elo while matched against players who are playing qualifying matches?
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Originally Posted by Shmevin View Post
Do you gain/lose elo while matched against players who are playing qualifying matches?

seems like the answer is yes

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sick design on the ranking page. Really fits the TB-theme well.
Can we get our ranking tier onto our name in-game, kinda where it used to say our rank before the update.
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The tiers look really nice, the mods are really good and the prices are high.
It's like everything we have been asking for 10/10!

Would be nice to get the ranking UI ingame as well
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Well done; finally some progression that seems to get approval from the community. Only thing I disagree with is elo decay. Rather it'd just be rank decay because that alone should be enough to punish inactive players...?
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there is still a penalty towards a player that leaves even when all matches are played out.
I lost 2.9 elo points from it aswell
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Originally Posted by Winter View Post
when the last match is over and it says you won/lost and you join another server you still lose elo ripdog

yeah im having this issue as well
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Bruhhh. When I'm slowly low key trying to leave tb (havent played in 4 day #progress). But a new feature pops up anD I feel like playing ahhhhhh.
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Okay, so Matchmaking was ending up, it was written the pannel where it asks "matchmake again" or "quit", I left aaaand.... 4.0 elo penalty. k thx cool nice :c
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does the tier and rank of peron effect ur tier placement in qualifying?


and is it possible to have 3 people in a ranked server in matchmaking? cause rn this guy joined me and this other guys matchmaking, now theres 3 people in the server.
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