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Original text by Mihanik
Translated by Pion6r
In this article I'll fully tell you about balance. Walking, running, postures and anything God knows.

Engage distance 3000. Gravity -30.00. With such settings you can everything in order of instruction.

Running is the Start!When you've learnt to hold balance while running,it will be easier for further moving.
So, the run is separated for several phases.
Phase one. The start of run

It is really difficult to run at once. You have to take posture.
To start running, you need push. Front push.
Hands aren't to disturb legs.
Let's start. To push you have to lay front, the same is to your legs.
Then take legs back-you've been pushed.
Phase two. Steps and speeding.

Steps should be balanced, heels must be controlled. It might not be the heel to touching the ground. It will slow moving and can distract balance.
Speeding should be made by front pushes.
After both legs push relax knees and one of them front. When you need the next step-re-stand legs. Heels should touch the ground friendly and push from the earth while step.
Phase three. Balance and jump.

Anyway, after several steps you'll be shaken. To stay in balance control your heels and move the body; hands must not touch the ground.
The jump is going to be balanced. You are to be straight for it.
Balance is very simple. If your right leg goes straight front-move the body right. And vice verse.
Never forget about heels.
You are to be straight before jump. Use(abs) for it; move hands back and down.

After the jump you have to take a stand. So should be on their feet. It happens also in several phases.
Phase One.Feet posture.
After the jump, you must stay exactly two feet so you do not falter. This is not difficult. You just need to remove all the momentum.
During the flight, send the heel parallel to the ground. Point the case of one line with inertia.
Phase Two. Balance.
To maintain balance, you need to put the body in the flat position, so that you are not outweighed in which either parts.
To achieve this it is necessary direction of the body in the right direction.
It's simple.It's actually quite easy to resist if all parts of the body are active. Heels give the way to the whole body.
Heels down - the body back. heel up - the body forward, rotate the body, depending on the situation. Push body right or left with hands .

It's the most difficult part of the lesson. I'm specifically left it for the last. By now you should already learn how to run and stand.
I will not share all the phases. I will write only the theory and practice. Walking is very difficult to separate phases.
Through a case under the slope, you have to slowly move your feet. Body must constantly bend forward. In time spreading her legs and vice versa.
Keep track of each frame. In order to walk normally, you should calculate everything precisely. Remember about all parts of the body! Turn Corps. Never hurry.
Walking from the run is different in that it does not have great speed. Therefore, the slope should be small.
After the counter leaned forward. As soon as he "fails" and it will pull down - set your foot. The steps are very similar to those that were in the running.
Only here the slope is much smaller, so you may have to wait until after step you pull down. Do not hurry. Do not overtry, otherwise you will pull back.
Then again, have to stand on his feet and begin steps again. Regulate the width of the legs.

Also, I will take into consideration.
If you have fallen.
So do not panic. If you fall on your back or sit down - push himself with his hands and send body forward. Knees on relaxation.
If you fall on your side - deploy themselves on the back or stomach, the main set of hands.
If you fall forward - push himself with his hands. then legs. The main thing after the fall of a posture.
If you change run at the speed of walk.
Then something like a jump. First, lift the body above, from which the inertia decreased. Then straight from running to become the body.
Because of the inertia will pull you down - and set your foot forward - a step!

For training run is best to place a long distance and run to uke. as soon reaches - put a little more distance.
It's also desirable to learn to run in circles. Let us learn reaches uke and running back. Learn to slow down at any moment.
For training walk learn to walk on the same line. Learn to walk in circles. Learn how to jump while walking and stand in the posture.

That's all, our lesson is over. I hope you've learned from it something useful. Thank you for your attention
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