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Old Sep 8, 2011   #1
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who is the most annoying moderator ? post your comment here
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oh yeah
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Old Sep 8, 2011   #3
relics of a dead game
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None of them is annoying.
See you on the flipside.
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Spacellama oh wait no it's Fish no it isn't right, how bout' Uric,no wait he is a gay so he isn't annoying oh yeah here is my final answer the most annoying moderator is SidHuck,wait,there isn't annoying among all moderator
"0h no" -Trice
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Some of them are quite annoying...
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Well tell us then. No point posting if you're going to keep it a secret.
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Old Sep 8, 2011   #7
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I'd say it's Jarmund. He banned several thousand users and none of them know why, due to the cryptic ban messages he gave them all. He used messages like "Your account has been compromised, and has therefore been temporarily suspended. Please contact [email protected] to have the ban lifted." Frankly I haven't seen anyone who actually gets it. Makes you wonder how he got away with it.

Then you have hanz0 doing things like using evidence which "anyone could have made up in a matter of minutes" to justify a ban.
Pretty shocking to be honest.

Also I'm 12.
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Old Sep 8, 2011   #8
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Originally Posted by Fish View Post
Also I'm 12.

Man why didnt i save my conversation with storage? =/
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hanz0 is a clear winner, below is a collection of comments users have rightfully made after suffering his mistreatment:

Oh and by the way moron. Back in 09 it was allowed. And that's where that signature came from. Your retarded ass forum reset itself and made it my signature again. So get your shit right fucking newfag.

your to blinded by your power to see whats wrong and what is right

are you serious? hanzo are you ******* kidding me?

lol w/e bro and ps im not an idiot your an idiot honestly there is no reason for that rule if people want to trade fucking accounts let them do it

hanz0's favorite subject is being a jerk: discuss

hanz0, ben, fee!!! shig will never stop to embarras extrme and me the most. hes back again and he will never stop!! so if you cant ban his cp or somethin, then i say goobye to this fucking game!!

A small collection of some of the atrocities he has committed. Those poor souls.
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hanz0 is the worst thing to ever happen to this forum. In all honesty I don't know why suo keeps him around.
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