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In coder land
Toribash 4.5

Got a new release with focus on content, replays and bug fixes. Quite a few of them. - Windows - OSX

- added prevent spacing into new game immediately when playing free play after multi player
- removed matchmaking

Content updates:
- Default replays have been updated and changed.
- New BGM has been added, thanks to Tmmrw.
- Atmospheres Script has been installed. Just type in /atmo to open the Atmospheres Menu.
- New hi-res head textures for Tori, Uke
- Some sound effects have been changed.
- Added a hi-res ground texture.
- Added player list icon.
- Added community made shaders to the game. There are now 80 shaders to play with.
Remade the Toribash Game Manual.
- Toribash goodies in Extra Content/

Bug fixes:
- scrolling in buddy list crash
- renamed volume label to effects volume
- fight school and tutorial bugs
- replay loads with correct mod details (made fyeah.rpl jump)
- fixed adding tab and switching to added tab did not highlight the tab
- fixed closing tab switch to main tab
- fixed whisper command to ignore self whisper
- fixed dq ring showing up on first frame replay cache
- fixed torishop broken replay due to edit end match fix
- fixed chat wrong color when player says long sentence
- fixed hair glitch when graphic options changed
- fixed typing ~2 change chat font size, only affects when SetFontChange is used
- fixed utf8unicode conversion beyond 256 buffers
- fixed typing !262 to show properly and not in chat textbox only
- fixed history, pasting very long text, pressing up and edit crashes
- fixed draw2d_guichan upside down textures
- fixed prevent new game when editing replay
- fixed chat for ! and chars below 32 showing as box
- prevent third bout from entering duel on sudden
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Wow. Nice work.
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toribash goodies ?
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Wow, a new version. Thanks for fixing bugs, it will make our life a bit easier.
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thnx Hampa, nice work
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hmmm.. the toribash game design document on the extra content folder has a section about powerups. how do you access these super-torque, super-force, etc etc etc?
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I'm very happy to see atmospheres in the actual game. It's great to see the game improved with user-made content, instead of overlooking it in an attempt to be original. Great work!
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Amazing update, good job.
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Finally!!! Thanks so much hampa!
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Seeing lotsa nice things here, great job guys!

Also, noticed a visual bug/glitch:

I am reasonably sure that i am the one with radioactive blood, not Uke. This is from an old replay though (this one), and it seems to only happen when I get dismembered. Once that has happened, Uke also bleeds DOUBLECOLOURS.
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