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Requested scripts
This is a thread where I will be posting scripts requested by other players.

This script was requested by Failed101. Well, they requested the script to post gg in chat whenever they finished a match. As far as I know, there is no way to post messages in chat with scripts, or at least I couldn't figure it out. So I made the next best thing, a script that makes it look like you said gg in chat, but it only shows up on your screen. It doesn't account for usergroups, and is pretty much a useless script that I made as a joke.

This is a script requested by Nurse. It adds 2 buttons on the screen, one that toggles chat visibility, and one that toggles opponent items visibility via loadplayer command. I guess this is something people can find use for if the chat starts to annoy you, or the opponent's items are very distracting.


Pure outline
This script was requested by Viddah, it adds a black outline to pure usertext. There is one scenario where there won't be any pure usertitle, but otherwise it works pretty well even when you use loadplayer|lp command.


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gg.lua (1.9 KB, 3 views)
clarity.lua (4.3 KB, 10 views)
pure_outline.lua (4.5 KB, 6 views)
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Did some more work on the pure outline script, but then...


So I'm gonna stop working on that one. It was pretty wonky anyway.

Dark menu
This script was requested my comet, although you can barely call it a script. All it does is change default menu colors. The script was written to work on startup, if you load it when your game is already open it might take a while to kick in. It's also quite simple, so you can open the file and play around with the colors.


Autosave self
Another script requested by comet, this works the same way as an autosave option, but it only saves replays made by you.

Chat logs
This script was requested by Warlord, it saves the entirety of your chat logs in text files. These are stored in the /data folder in the toribash directory, and a separate file is created each day. Big thanks to Warlord for the TC reward! Very nice.
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chatlogs.lua (368 Bytes, 5 views)
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I wanted to gather a few more scripts, but I havent been getting any requests recently


This script was requested by Glimpsed. What you do is you go to a certain frame in your replay and run the command /slowmo <speed> <replay_name>. This then captures the actions on that frame slowed down/sped up to the speed parameter (1 is normal speed, 0 is complete halt) and outputs it to the specified replay name. Glimpsed didn't want this script to be too complicated, and this simple trick was enough. He also gave me a very big TC reward and a helmet, wow!
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Слух, а поменять цвет меню выбора сервера сможешь?
\.--. --- -- --- --. .. -- -. ./
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Originally Posted by Euphoria View Post
Слух, а поменять цвет меню выбора сервера сможешь?

Выбор сервера рисуется не скриптами, так что нет. Разве что написать своё меню выбора сервера.
if possible a script that can move/add force to non static objects
probably not possible
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i wish rpm was usable in private multiplayer servers :/]
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if possible a script that can move/add force to non static objects
probably not possible

this script already exists somewhere though i cant find it, i know it exists though because i remember looking for the same thing a couple years ago and finding it
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