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(Black) Black Death Bladesmen
Created Clan on Apr 20, 2014

Welcome to the Black Death Bladesmen Clan Thread



Clan Allies

Single Allies

Wins 22-15 Loss's
Current Amount of Clan Points: 283 Points

Highest Amount of war points that we have had: 326 Points


Current Amount of Tc in Bank: 0 Tc


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Wooo welcome to Aquarius all. we have fun times swimming on the ocean while we submerge into water while we say pleasedontkillme sharks whillinh theres someone on the beach killingppl
I still take texture requests for usd
Originally Posted by FreeFlash View Post
Nice... Hope this clan doesn't die...

It shouldn't as long as the clan leader doesn't die again, however since I'm the clan leader I will personally say that this clan will not die ;)

However remember everyone that we are no longer official, we have to give this clan 100 percent. Spend some time on your posts and put some though into them, Stay extremely active if you can, and remember to look out for post from me regarding different clan based things so we can be the best we can be.
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and i as co leader will keep submerge awake and active so he doesnt fall asleep in his chair (in other words if he becomes inactive i will step up to run aquarius in his absence which i feel wont happen sub will be a great leader 3 Cheers for aquarius :3)
I still take texture requests for usd
we need an everything art related for Aquarius right now me and sub are trying to get logos
I still take texture requests for usd