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(RL) Reckless

Reckless clan story

Reckless clan goals

Reckless clan rules

Reckless Clan Events

the Reckless revival crew!

Our lost allies/friends

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Your clan dsc is missing the minimum required info stated in the Clan Rules and Guidelines

Make sure you update it to fit with the minimum requirements.
R.I.P. [Sigma] and (team waifu)
I guess you guys missing the ''story''. (Important)
Also You better have FreeForm rule, Guys.
Sry what ?
and is a story really needed ? x.x im confused
anyway i'll add one thx :P
story added but i still don't understand what u mean with the rules x.x
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So what do you guys think about the new clan thread? Pretty sweet, huh? Pretty "Original" even if I do say so myself... (Please don't crush my dreams and say it's s*** :c )
dead game