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IRC etiquette and a statement on hate speech.
IRC standards have been updated. The guidelines are as follows:
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These rules apply to channels that are seen as public and official by Toribash administration. Currently those channels are: #toribash & #support.

  • No flaming or harassment.
  • No NSFW links.
  • No warez.
  • No spam.
  • No racial slurs.
  • No DDoS'ing, phishing or anything of that nature.


  • Staff may not be able to handle your requests immediately, please submit any troubles you may have through the forum as it is more likely to be seen & dealt with there.
  • Complaints about staff and/or ban appeals are to be held in query or their respective boards only.
  • Any questions about the rules can be discussed with any staff in the channel, if you wish to discuss the rules publicly feel free to make a discussion thread or bring it to attention of the staff via. PM.
  • Admins, SMods and GMs currently have &, @ and % respectively for ease of identification. Any non-staff that may help you are likely to sport a +, so contact who is most likely able to help you. Due to MSquad affairs being handleable only through the scam reports board you are asked to go there directly with your issues or query the member you need to contact.

Regarding homophobic/racial slurs and their usage in public space, here is the current ruleset:
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Any homophobic or racial slurs are not allowed in what the staff has defined as "public space" under any circumstances. "Public space" is currently defined as:

  • The entirety of the forums, excluding clan boards
  • IRC channels #toribash and #support
  • Ingame, official servers and any globally broadcast server (for as long as people are able to join that server based on the broadcast info - these servers will be considered private if you change the room name and notify the room)

Using slurs in any of those places allows a moderator to infract or ban you at his or her discretion. Staff justify this kind of policing of servers as they believe removing slurs from the vocabulary of officially endorsed Toribash Community mediums is a small price to pay for a more cohesive community experience. It is worth noting that any private channels (i.e: private IRC channels, clan boards, private servers in-game) are not actively policed and so you are generally free to do as you want there regarding the language you use, though be aware reports will be looked at on a case by case basis. For example, repeatedly insulting someone in your clan board will most likely result in staff intervention.

Users should try to handle these sorts of issues amongst themselves before escalating to staff intervention. We don't want to have to step in for every single case, so please ask people to stop (And document it!) before reporting to us.

This has been edited into our FAQs and Beginner's Sanctuary's introduction thread to the rules. Thanks for reading.
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also with this rule being different for official/unofficial servers please please please for anyone that uses general reports - please - make sure to take this guideline for g/r into account
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* don't crop the screenshots please, include whole toribash window and if it's possible, use page up/page down to capture more of the chat

I want to see room names as well as the room user list. if you post a report that has important information cropped out I can't effectively handle the problem.
about time, im glad that it wasn't just the N word that was banned, that would have been ludicrous.

What brought this on anyhow
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if it's in an official server or IRC room you can report it on the complain about staff board or pm their superior
what makes the cut as a racial slur? just anything you guys seem fit to call one or do you have a list
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what makes the cut as a racial slur? just anything you guys seem fit to call one or do you have a list


i don't think there needs to be a list, it's not like one accidentally uses a racial slur(s)
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