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Your flow has been a lot better lately, good job on that

Around 238, you randomly extended the neck witch looked a bit weird to me, I would have prefered if you had held the neck the entire replay.

I think a bit more power in the first kick would have looked cooler, the 2 (last ones where good tho)

Other than that it looks pretty good, keep it up mate
Only thing i can see for you to do from now is to implument creative shit and work on getting your dm's to look more powerfull.

You've achieved great progress in the few months that i've seen lately, gj on that
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
a little stiff in the arms and a weird pause at 280 but rly cool overall
Pidda's spirit animal
pretty cool high grav movement, i like the the last hit especially its quite impactful