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Daily & Weekly Events
Hi, after discussing this in the Toribash Population Thread on how I think this game could keep players from quitting I've decided to bring it into this board.
My idea's are pretty accurate and realistic when it comes to actually keeping this game alive and not repeating the same question "This game has a massive learning curve."

• Daily events:
At a random moment in the day/night there could be a random event that is "Do the most
damage to win +TC & QI." this could be set in only 1 public server or in all of the public lobbies so that
players aren't tempted to load up a mod and abuse this.

• Weekly Event:
This event can also be a Daily Event but for now it could be a weekly event for now. With this event it can be 1 - 5 different in-game/community events such as "Play Public
Lenshu and win 500TC every match won" just so you can get plenty of people on every week/day to play
random mods that have a 2x/3x the TC amount for 1 week, the mod can change every week to Aikido, Taekkyon, Boxshu_mushu_v5 & v3 etc.

• Weekly Event:
There could be a race event on who can get on the other side of *said parkour map* the fastest, this doesn't have to be a realism event at all considering not everyone is into realism at all, at the end of the week, those who participated and submitted their replay to said event thread will be watched by the judge/judges and the fastest to the end wins X amount of TC & QI.

The reward system can be different compared to the other events we have right now and so I'm suggesting that we add QI into these event rewards but this is where it might get tricky since QI only depends on how many games you play, after playing games my QI number barely even rises and it can honestly be frustrating when I want a certain item from the market and so adding QI rewards like +35 +50 +100 QI every match won from these events would be an awesome addition.