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A Couple of Suggestions
Bit of a long read but I hope you can consider some of the suggestions.

True Single Player

An option to enter real single player mode, with only 1 Tori. There is currently a command that can remove Uke from sight but he is still there and can be a hassle when it comes to the camera and can get in the way. An option to start a match without Uke at all would be of great use to people making tricking/parkour replays etc.

Support for 512x512 Joint Textures

Is it too much for most computers to handle or is there something else? To me spending $5 per joint and not being able to actually use them to the full extent because of the low quality really sucks. I'm in full support of the cost, $5 is reasonable for each joint texture, after all this is an amazing game for free, you do need the funds some how, but adding the 512x512 support would help a lot in sales and over all quality of the item.

More Colors

Everyone likes new colors full stop. They just provide that extra amount of customization that makes Toribash such a masterpiece. Also easy to implement and benefits everything, profit, player base, etc.

Free Body Textures

I know this sounds like a big ask, and personally I'm not asking for it because I want a full set of 512 textures, you don't even have to go that far, but, if a full 128 set was available to each account, I'm not saying hand the items out, but remove the item and add the option in the shop to just upload textures. People will still be able to buy the 256x256/512x512 for quality but having that free 128x128 will really help and benefit everyone who plays Toribash, they will be able to express their creativity and it all comes back to that in depth customization that Toribash is all about. You by no means even have to consider this suggestion, it's a bit rash, but it could help in a very good way. You may lose a profit with the loss of the need to buy the item but over all you may gain that profit back by bringing more people in to play and letting them customize their Tori, their way.
Agreed indeed!

There's a few questions that I want to ask..
1. Does free body textures get it 1 texture or more than 10?
2. Does Single player can add more than 1 Uke?
the first one is good but can be done by setting the distance in the game rules to a certain length...
moar colors! ya but there would just be an overflow of colors and the current ones we use now would be outdated...

the joints can be buggy where if the player loses the joints stay on no matter what a fix for this would be nice....


1.supported, but can be manually done
2.supported, but prices need to be managed properlly
4.F*** NO! lol
512 (and 256) joints exist, but aren't for sale yet. They'll appear eventually.

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I agree that a single player mode without Uke could be useful to some players. However, I wanted to ask about single player with Uke - would it be possible to have him react better so that people can train outside of MP?