How the hell are you so fast? Split felt just a little clunky and everything else was fine tbh. Shoulder slap somehow got pec. Nice DMs at end of replay.

8/10 would give cookie.
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Hey i'm Mack and i'm in stock :>
Hello, this will be my new, hopefully permanent replay thread.

Tag system:
[M] = Madman
[S] = Spar
[OS] = One shot
[SS] = Self spar
[T] = Tricking

I tag the ones I work the hardest on with [G] as in Gold.

So, let's get this party started.
I finished the laser survival mod.
It took me just about 2 days.
CnC is well apreciated.

If you'd like to see my older works, Click this link
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|Opener by Xioi|#KillTheScootCork|
"Cool delfin med solglajjor" -Larfen
damn I like it its really cool

kinda weird looking at times but there's lasers cant blame ya :P

The first cork is sick

everything else is decent ^~^
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I hate when people say Thanks without posting a replay after it.
Nice reply farming
Jk jk btw nice replay,I liked the first cork it had a good spin and the wall step in the end gj.
I say thanks because I apreciate the CnC I get, not because I want to farm replies.

|Opener by Xioi|#KillTheScootCork|
"Cool delfin med solglajjor" -Larfen
mack mackm amckacmacka cakm its me gorillaspy hi hih I hih ih iu nice shit
<tunadao> And if the potato get old it will be better,because noones can eat a old potato it turns into legendary potato