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Perfect balance while splitted?
Used chez's split move.

Title of Record:
Perfect Balance of Legs While Splitted

Measurement of Record: Forever (I think)

Relevant Settings:
Matchframes: 999 999
Flags: 2
Fracture: 0
Disqualification: 0
Dismember: 1
Dismember Threshold: 100
Engage Distance: 200

Mods Used: Classic.tbm

I got my legs to achieve perfect balance

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TehBasher_PerfectLegBalance.rpl (28.3 KB, 101 views)
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Ya I'm afking hes at 100k frames and still standing

Edit: 1:17PM EST 230k frames still standing
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Edit: wait nvm.. I checked and yeh.. he does stay like that while still relaxed
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I just achieved that as well, but in a completely different context.

Note, no control over uke was necessary.

Edit, haven't had time to check how long it lasted.
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