I had 17+ win streak last night we've officially changed the meta for the mod, everytime I play I see others doing our openers
This is not a joke, we are taking over every version of oakyballs and there's nothing that can be done to stop us
Also, Alejandro for legend & #FREEUSB #FREESKIZZ
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We will not stop until we are top ranked in every oakyballs mod
I am downloading the oaky trampoline, s1lvered has worked himself sick working so hard on these oaky metas, rest up brother

Also please other members get the activity up, this is fucking bullshit
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It is with great honor that I accept this gift bestowed upon me, for a clan whose purpose is to become legendary to honour a mere mortal deserves ecclesiastical praise in its desire to die in life to exalt the divine.

I, Alejandro, the people's legend, bless this board with the utmost consideration and seminal oblation. Let us finish with a homily on the Exaltation of the Holy Spermatozoa:

Ejaculatory repository of ecumenical history
the morsels of usurpatory semen that we've lived in.

The Cum Pontifix anointed by that whose spermophagic nature once reigned supreme.
Alas, a heavenly hæmorrhage of cum beverage floods the world with flagellation
ejaculatory repression and apocalyptic milt fulmination.

Nebulae of ejaculate storms in foretelling the Semen Apotheosis
Washes us anew in a land of cum so pure
Welcomes a realm in which the ambrosia of human origin rises true
Where spermatic fluid is our sole food, our sustenance.

Ejaculate Eterna
Emissions Amidst the Utterance.

Thank you.
Ale, I am humbled in your divine presence. This is why I believe (ale)jandro is the best toribash clan out there. A direct line of communication with alejandro.