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Last 10 sets Alejandro will ever make
I had closed my shop.

It was always my goal to gift toribash some sets after so many years of fostering my artistic abilities, as this game deserves my short lifetime of artistic development to delve in serious setmaking for the good of its legacy, having joined it in 2008 and spending almost two thirds of my life loving the aesthetic and holding fond memories like me at 9 trying to make money by making little images when I couldn't even speak english.

I made my first 10 dollars on Toribash, I started discovering the idea of getting paid for digital art here, I learned english here, made family here, developed social skills on the mIRC chats, had fun, faced anger, I have lived most of my life infatuated with this silly ragdoll fighting game's community.

That day has come, the final X on the map where the treasure will be unearthed, the finality of my Toribash artistic journey.

UPDATE: please read this post

feel free to inquire
discord / portfolio (+ contacts)

After I have made the tenth set I will be making one final set and make it absolutely free for the community, it will be the set I will put the most amount of effort into.

Some of my favorite ones I've made (none for sale):

I really believe this game has something that sets it apart from any other, and its community has had its fair amount of ups and downs, but in the end I have made so many friends, I have met so many interesting people, I have traveled the world and stayed at friends' whom I met on this very game, that I am driven to be incredibly grateful. It means the world to me. I want this to be one thank you to Toribash among the thousands it deserves.

shoutout to chickenpox
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thank u guys, I have finished the last set before the countdown that I'll be posting soon, and I've already got 2 pending ones so only 8 to go if it goes through correctly
Finished the first of the 10 sets, awaiting confirmation from buyer in order to post. Looks sick B')

Contact me through discord and let me know what you have in mind, I have got 6 spots left on the queue
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I love you Hug


Update, guy hasn't replied so I'll give him a notice for a response and make an aftermarket sale of the sets that haven't been paid, I've been stressed out as I've had a lot of trouble with unpaying clients lately; I have reported the issue at least once as it was a $300 issue and no luck.

Currently remaking what would be set 2, happy about it though, hadn't had the chance to make a tribal set and Strikalo took the chance, shoutout to him
Been working a bit lowkey since thankfully I've got other projects going on apart from toribash, strikalo's set looks amazing and I'm waiting on some input from him to finally publish it other people haven't paid so I cannot disclose.

However I will be selling off sets that I made for clients who ghosted me and didn't finish their payments, as well as exposing their names!!!

posting the first paid set of the last ones that I've done!!! I loved this one because it's not often that you get the chance to do something feminine and pretty on such a masculine silhouette, but I think I made it work!

shoutout to this client for sending over a $200 tip on top of the price wtf insane i love you so much

also closer to a shoutout to the people who have made me waste my time and scammed me after making their art and ghosting me
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I loved working on that one! I really try to do my best with every set I make, posting another one that I loved real soon, I'm doing a bunch of stuff so once I have time I will make the display
ily )

There are 4 sets left, I will be updating this and showcasing them once I get around to finishing the three I have pending.

Thank you all so much for the support and all the love
Thanks a lot man! been trying to get better and better, have learned a lot with this crash course I've been super busy with.

Can't post the one I think is the best and most insane and cohesive set I've made because the client who ordered that set is currently traveling and I don't post sets until it's completely done and cleared by the client w confirmation for posting after tips and all is said and done, but I will post 3 that are among the most interesting works I've made


incredibly proud of this one, my favorite band, and I got the chance to design its frontman, I had to digitize every single tattoo the guy has on his body, it was not easy at all and I'll be making a post on this on the death grips reddit so that it's documented cause I had to spend a couple days doing it from scratch.