Endurance Onslaught 3.0

oh yeah and I gave up on Ice because i was too tired of the bruise glitch messing with my shit
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Hey I took a look at your replays and just to repay the favor I went and cnc any replays that you didn't get any cnc with

Block: I like the kick that you started out with however the placement off it was pretty bad it could of been a boomhit however it was nice I don't like the fact that you had uke's arm between your legs avoid touching uke/rubbing uke all over your body at all times also that last punch grab dm looks highly bad and the transition was pretty ok

Parkour City B victory run: wat

Wadoosh XDDd: I like your mods

fliipydecap:clean af pose could of been better

Swerve: moves were clean,opener was fluid, transition was ok nice replay

Nah:i don't understand where the decaps come from but what Bquad said was true

Nahv2:this was some insane stuff but you were fine with your legs you i didn't had to move them

Funky:another possible boomhit and a possible better pose

delectable nun: I lol'ed at your belly flop xD the kick that splits the glutes was nice you could of grabbed ukes pecs to make more dismemberments but I will take the head and shoulder DM btw it was weird how you tripped over his head but good replay

Spaced Out:this was nice except when you came into the pose your leg was twitching spastically I know that feeling you over edited that part try relaxing sometimes

Overall throughout a month's work of replays I have seen that you have been rubbing uke and had some questionable dm's there are some replay that are pretty damn good and I like to see I have seen you get burnt out sometimes and one thing is for sure try taking breaks now and then not to long like don't remember anything about how to get your momentum back and fluidness (if that was even a word) but try to relief yourself and don't rush take your time with it and have fun but that's all I have to say for now I feel that you may become one of the greats someday and I wish you luck
Chab>What a dead game
bgjames1>I like WhiteF719
i loved the part from 500 - 410. the way you used your abs was amazing
the jump afterwards could have had more spin if your leg made contact with the ground. the spin was really clean tho
the grab slowed you down a bit
i didn't like how your leg extended way after the boom was done
cool pose
8/10 gj
Holy fuck, nice spins!
Uhh, gotta find some criticism that Z didn't cover already...

In some places the arms were quite stiff. I think you were a bit early with the grab, should've focused on keeping the spin going and then just use it as a momentum-boost/gap-closer for the kick, and not actually use it to spin that last lap.

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Thanks for the cnc guys it makes me feel special

here's the best replay ever made

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