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Free Catharsis for every one
Hello every one.
So one person asked me to make a thread here so here you go buddy xD
Any ways so here is a little information about my self:

I am from Spain. Moved out of there at the age of 10 to central america (Costa Rica) and now I've been living here for 15 years.
Yes I am 25 years old.
When I finished high school I was forced to study a career. I had no idea at that time so I chose hotel business management because I had some experience in that field.
Once I had my degree I started working like crazy. After 2 years I was mentally exhausted on the edge of depression, so I decided to quit and use the money that I made to study something that I really like...

Now I'm studying psychology

Ok enough of this bullshit, lets talk about toribash.

I found this game by accident on some random site, trying to download hitman 47. Fell in love with it the second I started it.
I remember watching nirs's replays and others from the stock, while thinking "this is bullshit, must be hacked" also the OLDA vids...

The first mod that I got in to was wushu... yep wushu. Did that for a while untill I found about parkour and sparring.
At that time I found my self a sparring partner, he and I used to spar almost every day. Untill we got mad at each other for some dumb reason. That guy is the pro trickster you all know as flash, my friend KongXD, love you man.

Then I found out about the forum (yep, I played this game for a year with out even knowing the forums existed) there I joined a clan who's leader was no other than *drum roll* Swexxelite.
Yeah swex was already a big shot when I started, doing some sick parkours and what not. So he became my new sparring partner, and the rest you guys already know all about it.
In that same clan I met obazu. I didn't like him, I thought he was an asshole. And guess what, now he is my closest toribash friend.

Las person that I'm going to mention here is mocucha, I've known him since 2010 and what can I say, you are awesome bro.

I've met a lot of cool people along the ride, sorry I didn't mention any of you guys but I tried to keep this as short as I could. (Some of you could post here so that we can revive old memories)

About being a legend, to be honest I never expected it. But I am grateful, so thank you guys.
I'm just like any other player that enjoys the game.

If any one has any questions feel free to ask, I'll gladly answer.

Also I apologise for my bad bad english. (I posted the thread by accident with out even having a chance to spell check)
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Good day Dr. Freud
Nice! I have met you like twice in my time of playing toribash (1 year) I like how you are keeping in touch with so many of your friends that you have met here since you started playing TB! So, how is it that you know so much about fluidity and realism when is comes to spars and parkour? And have you ever taken a shot at art? Are you the artist of your own set? If not, who? Sorry for all these questions but I am a fan of yours
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yo large swexx told me that you wont play spar anymore.
is that real ? coz it break hurts
Aadame:I'm very signaturable
It's just no one usues my shit .
I personally think we should reform Birth Contro-
This isn't the birth control thread! Whoops.
eyy large, heard your name once or twice, also heard you do replay making (you fucking nerd)
pleasure to see you got legend
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When did you learn to custom run? I still haven't learned how to yet which is surprising considering most of the shit replay I do are spars.
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Originally Posted by qukslice View Post
When did you learn to custom run? I still haven't learned how to yet which is surprising considering most of the shit replay I do are spars.

Large? Permission to answer this? I shall.

Okay, most of the time, you don't "learn" how to run. The "custom" run is just your own knowledge of "basic" running. Now, no matter how much you "know", it takes time to put a preference in your style, using the arms more or less, using the legs contracted or extended. What people would call the "custom" starter is basically a step back from the "YouTube run", no, literally we take a step back (I put a replay beneath for you to view "the step back" and also a bit of my "custom" run). Whereas the "relaxed" run will grant you more "speed" (sometimes) and the "YouTube" run will grant you easier "access". If I can call it that. In a custom run you have more "knowledge" so your "power" over joints is "greater". This may seem like a "complicated" concept but it's not too difficult to grasp, in a "custom" run you can learn how to turn easier and "speed up" and "jump" more realistically. Now it sounds like I started to repeat myself so I'll leave it at that, I'm sure Large can answer the rest of your questions on "his" "custom" run.

TL ; DR: Oh fuck this... I can't, it needs the length, please read.

Question for Large:
You don't spar anymore, I've asked you personally why and you send it was boring. Does the same go for parkour? Because doing parkour I feel like my run is the closest to yours and I was mostly inspired by you.


Swexx may have for knowledge in generated and popular areas but you're the most unique/fluid, etc. I watched you grow (2008 player, just PM for details, I don't believe we've ever interacted apart from recently during your ping pong matches with Obazu) and in 2012 (with this account) I followed your examples and became a parkourer and sparer, thanks man, biggest inspiration.

Manly love. <3
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Why does your head texture have a face behind the visor? It creeps me out.
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Who are the best sparrers in your opinion?
Have you ever sparred Potram?
Do you hate shovelling in aikido mods?
Do you hate rushing in mushu mods?
Grats on legendary status

Your replays have been one of my biggest inspirations, and I knew you'd be legend eventually.

What's your favourite type of replay to make? Spars, parkour, manip, madman etc.?
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