So long as the posts are on topic and are sort of relative in a positive way, I have always been lenient.
"nice 10/10" thread derailing and general shitposting etc will still be punished.
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Are WiP threads allowed to be posted and updated along the way?

edit: I was confusing. I meant make a WiP thread for your thing, and then make update posts in the thread. Fenris answered though. Thanks guys.
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Originally Posted by isaac View Post
Are WiP threads allowed to be posted and updated along the way?

I may have understood your question in a wrong way, but are there any other options?
Making a new thread for every time you make progress is a bit silly, thus simply updating would make the most sense.
art board mods: if they dont understand it its not cnc
That is what you're expected to do. You make one thread for your piece(s) and that's enough, just get the tag right ^^
Added a new rule.

Software used is now to be listed in the first post of a thread.
you try asking the admins what they think about another useless board for dumb shit.
-=Art is never finished, only abandoned=-
Montage parodies IS art
what the art rules imply is that it's heavily looked down upon because it is "the same as MSPaint paintings"

Protip: It's not comparable to MSPaint and drawings, nor is it effortless, while MSPaint is simply like picking a brush and start painting and get an ugly drawing, montage parodies needs effort no matter what you are trying to make, and you guys have the boredom to tell us that montage parodies is like making an MSPaint?
Look at this video.

Now you dare tell me that this is like MSPaint, I dare you.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sure it takes more effort, but the outcome is practically the same thing but in video form. :>
snore the only reason it's not allowed is because after a while they're boring and repetitive
i like them but i don't wanna see the art board full of non-cnc-able montage parodies
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