opener was smooth, i appreciate how you transitioned smoothly from a planted foot to the toe launch to make it more natural

your arm movement could have done more to accentuate the crowd awakener (?) (i’m dumb) that you did, great idea tho

the low cork/misleg was fine, this gives you a lot of power to work with so I was a little underwhelmed with your choice to swing into another cork, albeit a well executed variation

the cheat setup was pretty much perfect, as i’d expect from you, and i appreciate the decision to maintain such strict form during the twist. I guess it’s just lacking a bit of style that would satisfy my personal tastes

donutboy was dope and probably the most memorable part of the replay to me, great choice there that really spiced up the replay

as one of this games fastest improving players of all time you continue to improve rapidly and i look forward to seeing what you do next
even though at this point im bored of tricking in general unless people do the most retarded scale level of goofy tricks that actually make me wanna post

i do appreciate the form and general consensus towards keeping flow/momentum in an actually smooth way whilst doing somewhat cool tricks
(since i give a rats ass about form night calling is the perfect example of tricking i can appreciate when it comes to skill with execution, but nonetheless bores me to death, just not my cup o tea)

if you do more shit like you did in working on dying where shit is just happening that looks cool then i'll gladly hop back and enjoy the watch

keep at it nerd
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its cleannn, but idk bro, you're moving different fr fr no kizzy on god on god, STRAIGHT UP!, go faster blud?
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rly nice frontswing but i fear not enouh trick variety, not a single scoot cork to be found
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nice raiz twist, moon kick could be better, don't wanna comment everything else cuz it's boring, your twist form is kinda funny:sup rised::sup rised:
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another shitty lil scrap thing :supri sed::supri sed::supri sed:

Seeing this is so strange because I still have that image of your 2015-16 replays in my mind lol you are extremely smooth by now and style changed a lot! I am noob when it comes to tricking and know a total of 1% of the tricktionary, but goddamnit - that thing you did at 171 frame was so freakin cool! I somehow understand ppl saying it gets boring since almost everything looks the same but I congratulate you for the execution tho.
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thank you all for the kind comments. this is the first manip ive done since like, 2016 or 2015 i think? i kinda rushed the last bits though just cause i wanted to finish this replay : sorry: either way was fun making an ukebash since i dont really do that much anymore
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