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life is the grind

well we need to put some wax on that ledge called life cuz my skateboard aint slidin
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Be more straightforward with your uplifting messages or I'll fucking skin you alive.
I thought you were gonna say something about weed. I think I have a problem.
Turning over a new leaf!
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I find myself getting destroyed in-game.

Sorry about that I will go easy next time
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I want to grind on your oakyballs.
Turning over a new leaf!
Toribash should be a sports game, throw in soccer and basketball and baseball into the ranked rotation.
Turning over a new leaf!
Don't grind, explore your creativity/vision, enjoy it and share with other people

Always disliked betting/dueling/wars/market, skipped these parts entirely to avoid grind

This is one of few games which have its core at ugc and allows to express yourself, wish the joints system was streamlined and more focus on mobile, could be cool
tell me about aikido
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