Toribash Season 7
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Floor is Lava 2

Welcome to another ES replay-making event!
This time you will be tasked with traversing the environment and reaching Uke.

Map Preview

1. Replay hacking is forbidden
2. Don't change any of the game rules except for turn frames
3. Do not steal others replays
4. Your whole Tori must make it into the red end zone
5. Do not edit uke's joints

Go to the News tab in the game client and choose "FLOOR IS LAVA 2" event and press the "Participate" button on bottom right. Once you reach the end zone click the "Submit" button on the bottom of your screen - pressing it will allow you to upload your replay for ES to review. The client will automatically mark the advanced task as complete if the blue checkpoint is reached. Additionally after hitting "Participate" you can click "Load Custom Replay" in the bottom right to upload preexisting replays provided they're on the same mod as the event. Keep in mind that we will only judge the FIRST replay you upload that way, and if you want to change your entry to a different replay, you need to upload it on forums.

Download the attached mod and put it in your mods folder in game client. Load it, create your replay and save it, and then make a post in this thread with your replay attached to it. If you're uploading a second entry after uploading the first one with in-game interface, please mention that. If you want to modify your replay before the deadline, edit your post and add a different replay instead, don't make a new post for each replay.

5,000 Toricredits
2 Shiai Tokens

12,000 Toricredits
4 Shiai Tokens

80,000 ToriCredits
8 Shiai Tokens

We will stop accepting new entries on March 19th, 16:00/4 PM UTC
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Oh yes. Time to log back into my addiction and make a replay
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Second Replay Entry
This is my second replay for the event. I made it through the extra checkpoint this time and hope this is the replay that's counted!

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Originally Posted by Rajen View Post
can we do both the basic and advanced route?

You can do both, but you will only receive the advanced route reward. Both the advanced and the basic reach the same point , if you mean making 2 separate replays, 2 replays can not be submitted, only one. If the only replay submitted/ the updated replay goes through the checkpoint then you will only receive the reward for the Advanced Route. You can not receive both rewards.
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idk if this count as advanced or not
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Chronoptic energy bursts from one plane to the other, evaporating anything

Drawing on the energy of matter from all worlds, unravelling the time

Astral orb crackles while raw energy lances out, temporarily disrupting

The Outworld is awash in arcane energy, diffuse through Harbinger's rifts

The vent through which such stellar energy flows is mere atoms wide

From winter's heart comes a cold, healing embrace