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Does someone know how To correctly Post a Mod?
Sometimes when i try to post a mod it doesn't appear when i search for it ...
Kinda frustrating when you do a _Fixed.tbm
Please Help

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I'm pretty sure that if you create a mod, name it, then do /set mod (your mod name here).tbm it should work. At least that's what I used to do when I created mods lol
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Posting a mod ? You mean in forums ?
If yes then, when you shearch on your tb folder for your mod when you post it:
Go on data/mods/ and then it should have a modmaker folder
your mod should be there
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Are you talking about uploading a mod to the mod database? Or are you talking about exporting a mod from modmaker?
Make sure you have #!/usr/bin/toribash at the top in the .tbm file before you upload it.

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