You mean social justice warriors like you that dont even play the game ?

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10:17 PM <~Creati0n> GAS THE DUELERS
6:35 PM <&Fear> good job reta you are now the King Admin
6:35 PM <Typhon> Gj Reta god

Lemme get back into destroying the infrastructure of this community, by deleting hall of shame, ok sir?

That will surely kill the game once and for all!
Duck Kill clan discussion instead of hall of shame would have way to much impact if deleted
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You mean social justice warriors like you that dont even play the game ?

SJW? Yeah, I'm totally SJW. The dude that rallies against all the social justice bullshit on here (like retarded censorship) is actually the SJW king in disguise.

Sure thing. Nutter.
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I can't see this as anything other than shooting yourself in the foot. Dead game.

is it still called a game?
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i didnt even notice MAD is gone :< rip

how was wibbles a positive addition to the community i dnot get how people still defend it...
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this community is small enough don't you think it's a little shitty to take away that little part of the forum from the few people that use it

after all it wasn't harming anyone except for a few cases like kunt's retarded posting or hipo being an Edgelord™
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is it still called a game?

Nah man it suddenly turned into an online dating website