Amazing, I love the flips and blows you applied to him, I like when you were wall running around the place when he had your arm and when he thrown you, I like how you also made it look like you were actually bouncing, Keep it up

Thats a self spar? Wow good
I'm ready for my daily dose of cringe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
This is exactly how I want to see sparring evolve ! Great job on it ! We will need to talk to see how could I put a spar where you loose :o)

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Unique replay.
Stuff like this has been done before, just not to that extent. The way you incorporated your moves into the flow made it far more enjoyable. Not to mention it was very realistic, like insanely realistic.
Loved the jump kick and final part the most. I crapped myself at the file size a little though. How long did that take you?
swexx do you allow everyone to use your replays for video edits as long as they credit you?
i kinda feel like editing something since its been a while