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Dscigs figs
Dem dms doe

Deez spinz

3 years now?
thanks all

snip yourself ed

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Dscigs - Tears of an Angel.rpl (290.8 KB, 398 views)
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Loved it, its really nice, well, all your replays are nice...
[23:20:46] Negrito: Im practically chris brown
[23:20:54] Ale455: without the chris
Me and Platabear made a collab. I spent around 20-30 minutes doing everything after the opener. I started at the fancy backwards double step thingy.
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#Plata_Mindset of a T-Rex.rpl (143.3 KB, 205 views)
The opener was decent, but kinda twitchy.
I liked the backwards split, although the timing could be just a bit better.
The next boom was pretty nice.
'Juggling' the head looked cool.
The pose was good, for about 2 seconds.
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Here babe I'll give you CnC <3
Anyway opener was kinda simple and I didn't like it alot, you kinda twitched with the extending and contracting of your left knee, after the great kick you left ankle was left extended which was a no-no and your right arm was kinda left out to dry, good boom and when you juggled the head I would have directed it towards the arm for a skeet
gimme Dat CnC babe
Have a great day, thanks for looking at this post I guess.
cnc is an endangered resource
The setup for that cork struck me as odd. That slow handstand thingy, that is. The spin itself was pretty well made, but the limbs looked really stiff throughout the cork, specifically the arms. It's a good cork, but there's a whole lot more room for improvement
I like the run.
You could've used that handstand much more efficiently by lowering the arm and speeding up for the cork. Otherwise it looked fine.
The cork itself is a major problem for me. :v
Your left arm is too extended, when watching your cork I don't see the flow between the swiping leg and arms.
Spin was nice though and the variation you did with both arms extended and contracted looked ok.
Landing was bad, you could've easily landed without touching with your arms.
I don't even know what this is.
I was pretty much pressing buttons.
Pretty much finished this.
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Dscigs - Glitches.rpl (177.9 KB, 146 views)
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