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Ranking system
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Will we ever have the last ranking system again? In my opinion, this new one is so bad, I mean, no1 plays on the ranked servers, what do you think about it? Do you like the new ranking system or do you prefer the old one?

Plz return the old ranking system
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Maybe, instead of a reset every month, it could happen every 6 months.
And so, people in the top 3 get items/tc.


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I don't think so, top 3 is hardest, so people will have to do more than just play a little bit. However, you may be right, 6 months is a lot of time, so i suppose top 5 looks perfect. There's also the thing about tc/items, less people = higher prizes.
Ranking System
OK so, I used to LOVE this new ranking system but, while I was in an ABD lobby, I was actually thinking if you could change it back to the old one only for public servers. It's been really unfair for some players just farming ranks for no reason... Like, with the old ranking system, if you were about rank 500, you were, actually, rank 500... With the current one now, it's really "competitive" to be woken up at like 12:00 AM JUST because you wanna be rank 1... It's destroying our brains and the Toribash community shouldn't stoop that low. Anyone agree with me here?

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True... But I mean it should change how it used to be a year ago.
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I agree. this new system is shit. Also if the tournaments were back as normal, not based of of rank but based on belt that would be nice. like the 10k 10thdan+ tourney
Ok, Gonna give my opinion here.

From what I used to see of the old ranking system and from what I know about the new ranking system, the main problem here is longevity of the achievement. Back in the old system, it was fairly impressive to reach a rank in the top 500, and it felt really good if you reached somewhere in the top 100. In the new system, that sense of achievement isn't there anymore.

"Oh I reached rank 50? Too bad that'll reset in the next x amount of months."

Giving players a way to log a lifetime rank would probably go a long way to keep players interested in the game, one that doesn't even need rewards and doesn't even have to be linked to ranked play. Hell, I know that I used to play specifically to see if I could get rank 100 globally. Now that drive isn't there because it's less permanent.

This also doesn't have to eliminate the new ranking system, or even require it to change at all. Making a comparison to LoL here, there's a normals MMR and a ranked MMR as I understand it (haven't played since they destroyed my champ, can't remember if that's what it's called), and neither affects the other. you gain normal MMR by playing unranked games, and you gain ranked MMR by playing ranked games (or elo, I really can't remember what it was called)

Now every season the ranked elo/MMR resets but the normals doesn't. Granted this doesn't have as big of an effect in toribash, because you won't fight better people unless you actually want to in this game, but it will give a sense of achievement without actually affecting the ranking system, and this in turn helps keep people interested.

Hopefully my point was clear enough, I tend to ramble sometimes. If it wasn't I can elaborate upon it if anyone would like me to.
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