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If You Were the Last Person on Earth
Everyone is raptured tommorow or something and you're the last person on earth, no bodies to be found etc, you're the last person in existence,electricity and etc would still be running until it fails on its own and that.

What would you do, how long would you expect yourself to live?

Personally I think I'd first spend some hours thinking alot about my life around people and different pathways of life I could have taken, before everyone dissapeared.

Eventually I'd find myself driving with my cats to walmart or some general store and setting up there until its too overrun by rodents (not that I'm afraid but the fact that food and where I sleep may no longer be safe).

At this point I'd drive with whatever supplies I've brung with me, stopping at different stores to refill n feed myself and my pets.

For entertainment I'd prolly be focusing alot on musicmaking and listening to music I have saved, reading through past conversations with friends n that before I go insane enough to make toribash replays.

I give myself 2-3 years before I take my life or do something stupid that gets me killed
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I'm sorry sir, this is Wendys. The place you're looking for is down the street, first left, walk straight, if you see the green building, go in it, go up to the 10th floor, and jump.

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even if i didn't want to kill myself, i would probably starve
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2 am, pitch black dark outside. orange streetlights are your guidance. walk among the empty streets, the long curved paths to unknown destinations. marvel at the creations of man.
i'd probably just travel as far from home as i possibly could before either hitting an ocean or dying. if i don't die, i'd try and contact aliens or god, whichever one comes to me first
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i have a replay thread here