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[REL] Joint Colour Preview / Item Generator

Click here to download (Windows)

Get Data -> Pick colours -> Generate Item.dat for ingame test (put in a custom folder ex: itemtest, /lp itemtest).

Made this a while ago but thought I may as well release it unless anyone was wondering what colours looked like together, gets colours from the website, so it should be 100% accurate
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:O *jizz*

blam, dude
this looks epic

since my ingame torishop s not working i will totally DL this^^
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so wut?
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it doesnt wanna open to me....it says some error....downloaded it again....same -.-

Blam thats a awsome thing and is one of the Helpfull things because The Texture makers dont need to Write the item data again or Edit the item data.

Really Awsome Blam ++
Meow :3
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