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Uke Bashing Collab (XsGamer) and (iEvilGamer)
This is a collab between the brothers
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oh jeez.......
that was awful (no offending)
the opener was nice but not soo good dms....were awful
u need to play without hold all
gj 3/10
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Ouch .. look ... i am still learning ok
no offending but you are a *#@&^*#@^*&#@$

jk <3 :P Thanks for your comment <3

and btw i need more tips please
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This replay is quite flawed indeed.
From what I see you 2 have the usual problem of only moving the necesary joints and holding pretty much everything else. You'll get rid of this with time but I suggest you start to at least try making fluid movements using your whole body in the future. Take it as a challenge. Wether you think it looks good isn't the main part of it, just try to get the mindset for it first and then proceed to make it stylish. It's important when breakdancing that you use everything in your body to gain momentum, not just your arms. And that goes for pretty much everything.
When you fail a dm or see yourself not being satisfied with the hit, redo it. There's nothing forcing you to rush it. You have all the time in the world when making a singleplayer replay.

As I said before, the replay is flawed. This does not mean that you should stop making them however. Keep going and I promise you'll get better with time.
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