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Popup box for the [YOUTUBE] code
For those of you unfamiliar with the code [YOUTUBE] allows you to "embed" a video into your post


What you need to do is grab your youtube link ( and then put the part after the watch?v= between the opening and closing brackets.

What I am proposing (this is just me being a lazy person), is a popup box, similar to a spoiler or a url; It would say: "Enter your link: ", and you would enter the full youtube link that you could c/p from youtube, and it would auto reduce the link, to select the appropriate parts of the link.

why not just keep it as is? nothing wrong with it.
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As I said, it's just me being super lazy.
It would also help newbies, way too often I see them trying to post a video using the code, and failing cus they dont understand it