hello legend thank u ur existence in itself is art

update on stuff: I will be posting the free set I'm planning on dropping as an ode to toribash now that I'm refocusing in my life after a lot of stuff has happened to me

I postponed my moving to europe because I was not doing things right at all and it was hard to realize but I had to be honest with myself, I didn't have enough saved up nor did I have the magic skills to juggle everything I was facing, I will lay low for a bit now that the government is retreating into being less persecutory towards the people and I should just relax for some months and not be so hard on me.

Thank you guys for always commissioning pieces from me you have no idea how much it means to me, I can only thank you for believing in me and my art, I'll as always be updating on all the things I do which for this year I plan to be many. God willing.
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