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Get vegas, its so easy to use.
And its free, if you know where to get it =D

Where did you get it?
ok i recorded a replay and it gives me the numbers but i cant find it when i go to import
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Sony Vegas is not free...But you can crack :P Not easy to do (8.0 pro wasn't easy for me). But if you're intrestead, PM me and i can send you the crack.
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I solved my problem..

I converted the ppms into jpegs(i also tried gifs)..
I donwloaded GraphicsGale..
Then i imported the files(jpeg/gif) into GraphicsGale..
I saved it as an AVI file..
You can convert into mpeg if u like, but i did it straight into flv..
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hey i forgot to post when i originally read this, but this thread is what inspired me to try my first torimovie, and i used the steps here

thanks for that, i am happy that i know how to do it now, im planning to make another one soon

here is the url to the one i made if anyone wants to see it, it includes some of my original blackmetal http://video.google.com.au/videoplay...67834&hl=en-AU
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And here's another solution..

Copy the files in data\bin\ of toribash 2.76 and paste it in your current toribash folder(2.7 in data\bin\

voila, you have two files in Toribash-2.8\data\bin

one is ffmpeg the other is a DLL..

Run toribash and follow standard procedure in making a movie using the movie.lua script..

or if you dont have toribash 2.76..

download it here

The link says 2.75, but when i installed it, it was 2.76.
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