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[B] Custom Set
Yo, I'm looking to buy a custom made set, for a minimum of 75 USD, up to 100$ depending on quality and creativity. I'll be paying on CashApp.

I'm not looking for a super realistic style, and I don't need joints. I'm also requesting two versions of the set, one void/crimson, the other void/velvet.

Please don't be upset if I turn you away, I intend to use this set for a very long time. Artists feel free to DM me examples of your works. My discord tag is Scrimbo#0370 for a quicker response.
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Hi! My team can help you with your set request. I believe we fought yesterday in the Aikido Dojo.

Could you please give me some images of inspiration for the set? Something similar that you like, or if you could describe in detail what kind of art you are looking for. I understand you are going for a long-term texture set, so we will keep quality in mind.
I intend to make my last pieces the best I've ever done, so I invite you to check my work out man, I've added you on discord