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TB NEXT has made me gain 30 pounds from RAGE
Just wanted to see how you are all feeling after 7 years that TB next finally has a released date. Personally I am not happy with the release realizing all the progress I've made with TC, Items, collectables, will not transfer over. Making me upset knowing years of grinding and finishing battle passes, participating in tourneys was for nothing & collecting rare items was also for nothing( CL items, BP exclusive, Flames, Custom 3D items, non-purchasable items). Yes, old tb will still be up but seriously will not be the same considering this small community will surely become smaller after this.

Just to give a idea of why I'm upset personally here is a break down of the cost (roughly),
art body/joints 25$
deac. inv. 650k tc
Actual art (if it does look messed up) 250$+
kung fu master beard 45$
Tc will transfer over I've been told, but if not 10.3kk (320$)
total = (roughly) 650$

I feel bad for all the collectors (starfield, epoch, rythm, etc)

if I have the details wrong please post some proof.
Edit: I've spent alot of time looking into this, and alot of information is hard to come by. In my personal opinion we need to have a formal post of a roadmap, what's to be expected. All the info I am able to find is years old, spread over many forum post & discord. The community and I would love to have one place to look at now since its officially dropping. (original post has over 180 pages & 7 years old )

Edit 2: this post is show to the years/decades of progress that will be lost with the new game. I'm sure the new engine was needed for the better, but the point of this post is to bring the concern many players have. That stayed throughout the years will lose. We'll be losing thousands of hours for the price of 2v2 and new moding tools (I hope)

Edit 3: What we know ( officially or not ) Nothing will transfer over. The biggest thing that will not carry over is art, as of now THERE WILL NOT BE ANY ART TEXTURES. o7

Edit 4: Yeap, TbN has tons of glitches, half of it doesnt work. Actually a Mobile/Beta game.

new Slogan 7 more years.
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Not just with the items, but I feel like everyone's sentiment is more or less the same regarding the game as a whole. After talking to the best Toribash player who shall remain unnamed and taking another look at the physics in the trailer it looks more to me like Sumotori Dreams Next than Toribash. All things considered I'm reluctantly starting to look less forward to it and made me realize how Toribash is an even more perfect game than I thought it. The new content is still exciting though, 4-player duels are something I've wanted forever. Regardless I'm still hopeful that sir can train in the hyperbolic boxshu chamber and surpass hampa's gamemaking power level and makes the next best game ever with metaverse integration and the Toribash community can finally diet after raging. Worst case scenario sir accidentally gets his wrist dm'd (carpal tunnel) and then the game reruns its inevitable fate as some short-lived YouTube bait, but at least then people will be back to Toribash Normal.
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I was expected some gameplay changes (which should be expected) thats for the most part fine if the moding tools are up to date, we can fix what we dont like.
I also agree with that idea, but from everything I've seen and been told I have the right to be severely upset with what im seeing. Thousands of hours over years of gameplay, and with 7 years of development I am holding my exceptions high. Even with the official release there is just no ready info on it, or any hype being built up around the community. I wish there was something like a roadmap.
I stand with King in the fact that if you're got an already small community it is unwise to divide it further due to non-transferability and leave the former hub of the community to rot unless they adapt.

I hope that with time and with the release it is discussed and we are given at least a window of time for, say, items being converted, or at least some sort of encouragement to look forward this new release.

The immaculate texture system Toribash has is obviously incredibly dear to me and it would deeply sadden me to see it go so I hope with all my heart that it remains, for it is an extinct part of videogames when you could upload your own textures and reach higher levels of customization than a selection from a pool.

Fingers crossed guys. I hope we're not NEXT on the guillotine.