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Don't mind me, just some backstory.
A Girl who started playing a game called "Toribash" in 2012, making replays and goofing around with physics and martial arts, only to be stopped by a "rough patch" in life.She went through a lot of mental struggles around that age in 2015, which lead to several attempts on her own life and months in a mental hospital. With confusion over the disorders gained along the way, having medications tested on her for the hope from her doctor to find some kind of Bipolar/Anxiety disorder, she eventually found out that she was autistic with a heavy case of APD (auditory processing disorder) and ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) which caused a heavy suppression of social activity, then creating a need for learning in solitude.

She then reconnects with "Toribash" in 2019 and begins working on her social skills and self-confidence, meeting some great friends along the way, who she sees almost every day in game. This leads to her getting into a clan in the game, which was nothing more than a basic collection of casual gamers on the site. The next few weeks were just meeting people and getting re-learning how to play the game, making replays and mastering starters. After a few weeks though, one of the people she met along the way said they wanted to rebirth their clan which had been disbanded years before. She agreed to help,and was in high hopes to create something structured and connected with the community, which they did very quickly. Within one week, they had 10 people. Within two weeks, they had battled in their first clan war which they lost badly. Within three weeks, they had won 2 clan wars, had 20 members with 4 allies, and were the number 1 on the clan leaderboard. The clan was moving up and up.

It was then, an argument of scheduling and the lack communication came to fruition and chaos happened . The clan was almost torn in two, but no one wanted that. She considered making her own clan, starting fresh... She didn't know how anyone would feel about her ideas, but she felt the need to try to make herself into something special for the community, something to look up to. So, with love in her heart and tears in her eyes she decided that maybe it is a dream, leaving a good history where she walked in her path. But that was all the more reason to keep trying to gain the confidence and independence she had never fully acquired.

~ Many things change with the Moon Phases. People live, People die. People love, People cry. People forget to think, to consider outcomes. People think it's all about them. ~
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"Music was my Refuge. I could Crawl into the Space between the Notes and Curl My Back to Loneliness." - Maya Angelou
Well.. all I can say is to call me blessed to end up in your presence. What a beam of light and color you are in a grey and colorless void I live in. Thank you. <3
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Welcome back

TY <3
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"Music was my Refuge. I could Crawl into the Space between the Notes and Curl My Back to Loneliness." - Maya Angelou
what was the moral of the story
That was really bad sorry.
Someone tell me why this guy is highly respected by some people ???
power of friendship prevails