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"Qi" - definitions, limitations, transfers, etc.
I've noticed a couple newer players posting some confusion about our 'qi' system, so I've decided to write this out for you all in hopes that you will better understand the system.

So, what is qi?

The name- the word 'qi', as defined by the ever-correct internetz is "the fundamental life-force or energy." Many martial arts train practitioners to focus this 'life energy' to create more powerful strikes and to lessen the damage of hits received. Normally, it is pronounced 'key' or 'kee', but many Toribash users pronounce it "Que Eye".

What is the function of qi in Toribash?- It is a measurement of the number of games played and is what determines your belt and rank. (for example, if you have over 500qi, you are a brown belt. As soon as you get 1000qi, you become a 1st dan blackbelt.)

How do I get qi?- It is actually very simple... If you play a game to completion (a winner is announced) you gain 1 qi. It does not matter if you win or if you lose. You gain a full point of qi for playing the game either way.

What can I do with it? Qi will allow you to unlock previously un-buyable items in Toribash. Rarer and more interesting colors will become available for purchase as your qi increases. If you reach over 20,000qi, you will be allowed to purchase a custom belt from the torishop. With this belt, you can make up any name for your current belt that you want. If you want to change it to "white belt" again, you can. If you want to change it to "Ultra Platinum Belt" you can.

Is there any other way to get qi?- There are a few other ways to get qi, if you are not inclined to really earn it.

The first way is to get a qi booster. You still have to play games to get the qi, but you'll receive twice the qi per game. So, if you play 500 games with the qi booster, you will be a blackbelt, instead of the normal brown belt. You can purchase a qi booster here.

Your second option is to buy another account, and have the old qi from it transferred to your newer account or vice versa. The issues here are that 1) this is frowed upon by the users who have earned their qi and 2) there are many costs involved. First you must buy the other account. (This price can vary depending on how much qi is in the account.) Then, you must pay to have it transferred. There is a 50k fee for up to 3000qi, and 50k for each additional 1000qi above that.

(some methods are no longer available)

Is it ok for someone to help me earn qi fast by losing to me on purpose or by creating game settings that are very short?- NO. The community calls this 'qi farming' and it will result in your account being banned. If you are caught playing games with the settings that end the game in less than 3 turns, no reaction time, or insta-lose mods, for example, this is farming qi. Also, if other players help you lose, this is also considered farming and will result in in all participating users being suspended and/or banned.

Items and Qi, what are the restrictions?

All items purchased from other users and the shop that are qi restricted require the receiving/buying user to have the correct amount or more qi. There are 2 exceptions to this rule.

1- If the items comes from an authorized shop. Authorized market shopkeepers may sell items at different qi than the Torishop. They may change an item's qi to whatever they want. As soon as the item is purchased, though, the item regains the original qi it had, and cannot be transferred without qi again unless by another authorized shopkeeper.

2- Promos/Packs. If you receive a promo pack you can receive all of the items in the promo pack without having the needed qi for those items. That pack will also include any number of item packs (example: A Pure Pack, containing all pure items). As long as these items packs remain 'packed' or 'locked', there is no qi restriction for transferring them. However, as soon as you 'open', 'unpack', or 'unlock' the pack, the items will have a qi restriction in place, and you cannot transfer them to anyone without the proper qi.

Can I wear an item if I don't have the qi for it?- Yes. You can wear any item in your inventory, regardless of qi. You just can't receive items without the proper qi, and inversely, cannot send them if the receiver doesn't have the proper qi.

If I can buy a qi transfer, can I get an admin to transfer a qi restricted item to someone without the proper qi?- Absoloutly not. No-qi item transfers are no longer allowed.

Alright, that should be about it... if you have any questions regarding qi, please post them here!
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Wow, this is a very nice explanation novi. It even explained some stuff I wasn't sure about.

I had heard that a win was worth 2qi and a loss was worth only 1qi. Is that true or is it 1qi no matter what?
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Wow, this is a very good idea novi, explained some stuff i didn't know to me as well.

@gumfighter i think it's 1qi no matter what. but it should be 2qi per win. although that may screw up the system somewhat.
I didnt know that you can get get even if you lose..Really i didnt thanks :P
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maybe this will stop some people from disconnecting cause theyre losing... the main thing i learned here was about qi transfers and it was helpful in getting a scope of the skill required.
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Originally Posted by Novitech View Post
The first way is to get a qi booster. You still have to play games to get the qi, but you'll receive 2 qi per game instead of 1 qi. So, if you play 500 games with the qi booster, you will be a blackbelt, instead of the normal brown belt. You can purchase a qi booster here.

I think its 3 qi per win....And yes, when you lose you get only 1.
1 qi if you win
1 qi if you lose

also i never even thought of pronouncing it "key"
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Originally Posted by Gubbin1 View Post
1 qi if you win
1 qi if you lose

also i never even thought of pronouncing it "key"

That's how Nabi pronounces it. :>
It's a fairly common concept in Asian martial arts, also occasionally spelled chi.

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