its cleannn, but idk bro, you're moving different fr fr no kizzy on god on god, STRAIGHT UP!, go faster blud?
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rly nice frontswing but i fear not enouh trick variety, not a single scoot cork to be found
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nice raiz twist, moon kick could be better, don't wanna comment everything else cuz it's boring, your twist form is kinda funny:sup rised::sup rised:
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another shitty lil scrap thing :supri sed::supri sed::supri sed:

Seeing this is so strange because I still have that image of your 2015-16 replays in my mind lol you are extremely smooth by now and style changed a lot! I am noob when it comes to tricking and know a total of 1% of the tricktionary, but goddamnit - that thing you did at 171 frame was so freakin cool! I somehow understand ppl saying it gets boring since almost everything looks the same but I congratulate you for the execution tho.
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thank you all for the kind comments. this is the first manip ive done since like, 2016 or 2015 i think? i kinda rushed the last bits though just cause i wanted to finish this replay : sorry: either way was fun making an ukebash since i dont really do that much anymore
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this shit smooth like an infant's ass holy, i don't have any verdicts against this one, this a Triz0n classic for sure, i would say that i absolutely love what you did to transition into the last kick, straight up!
why r you tricking in -9? where is the flip and cork
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Cool stuff here bud, 805 stance is one of my favorite among all the ways to get momentum, it just looks really cool, I love it. Was struggling to understand what happened from 700 to 650 but when I looked at it more times I began to like it very much, and just noticed you changed the rotation direction. Really really cool and well executed. Both hits follow the same logic by using your legs to adjust the position instead of fully relying in your arms and I love how you done it, specially the last one, it was fast and stylish plus a lot of dms.
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