Can't really give you any criticism since I don't know how to do stuff like this yet but what I can say is that so far you are doing a pretty good job.
I'm not sure if this is a gorillaz reference or a swans reference. Either way its a sweet replay, the manip parts and decap were the best parts. I like that manipulating uke after dismembering him is a thing again i guess. This replay is what I would imagine a more classic largekilla would look like, lots of control and you never lose your footing (but not to the extreme). pretty cool.
oh yeah
wow this is awesome, the knee dms look perfect and you did the crotch boom just fine despite the bad angle. The ending is really great too, just a shit ton of dms any way possible. I dont have a lot to say, its just a good old replay like everyone likes them
oh yeah
oh shit you can make bangin' parkours and ukebash? I'm jealous

moving on,

I like your opener, it was a bit of a tease but that transition into the double knee was sick. Wasn't expecting that first knee dm either.

Transition into the next kick was solid, the kick was nice as well.

The next bit was a little iffy for me, I realize that you are trying to go for a more stylish approach but while you were spinning in mid air it looked hella awks.

Last kick could be godly if you can get it to ghost even just a tiny bit. The problem you have right now is that your hand is in the way of your leg so your angles are weird. The kick itself was still nice to look at. Not sure how that elbow dm works, but I'll take it haha.

Good show Xioi!
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this replay looks really good eventhough its pretty slow.
and wow this double kick at the start is really awesome.
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for dot, I was wondering if it was possible for you to get a boom hit off of the chest in the middle of the air.
Thanks everyone.

And Dylan, idk, didn't try it but might actually do try it later on.
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It was a gorillaz refrence

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