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Welcome to Toribash Academy!

We bring you guys the best information we can find to help you all get better and learn proper techniques throughout Toribash.

From Tutorials, Tips, Videos, Examples, and ingame practice/training we try to bring you all the information we can to help you get better the game and become a Pro! We teach a wide variety of subjects, including; Replay Making, Official Mods, Mod Making, Art, and Music.

Our ideals here are about spreading information, anyone has potential to learn. . . and teach. Anyone who's interested in spreading some of their experience is welcome here as well. We have plenty of ways you can be apart of our teacher/student community outside of forums too:

Social Group

Feel free to introduce yourself to the others below | B)
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I'm so proud
I remember this since it was just a project, so small yet it had a lot of potential, now it became official... I couldn't be more proud of the determination you all put in this. Keep it up!
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amazing work with this org, clay

Haha ty for being a part of it cause I couldnt do it alone or without my team or you guys :3
also where is the discord link?
found it
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