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[SEMEN] So you think you can Ejaculate?

So yeah, the title is pretty self-explanatory.
Write something about yourself down below and we will shower you in cream if we like you.
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<AlphasoniK> Kristis: What the fuck is wrong with you, rainbow loving panda freak.
Seriously, try to piss standing up for a change. No life girly pants dimwit.

i heared that this is a recruiting thread. where do i have to fill out online application template?
Im the guy everyone thinks is in ormo but isnt
I own multiple dank meme accounts on instacunt and love to watch people break their ankles. I'm a Believer in Jesus and spend most of my time in single player trying to get uke to send nudes. I listen to Kodak White and Lil Uzi Horizontal and sometimes Kanye East when I'm feeling South. I once got so high I went to a McDonalds and ordered a boneless fork. I enjoy watching Naruto and eating Five Star Ramen to feel like an oriental spirit. I am not Tsuion nor do I wish to be Tsuion. I have a Rottweiler his name is Ricky because when we took him to get his shots the nurse pulled up on his ass with a Bubble Darryl Shot Pistol. I am 300 years old and a member of Chief Keefs GBE Jesus Gang. I can't keep my male reproductive system in my pantaloons because premature ejaculation is a thing. I once caught my cousin beating off to animal porn. And that is my story.
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What kind of animal porn ?
We do not tolerate the use of beloved pets such as RedPanda to jerk of to
He is innocent and also kinda cute