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Dogfight ! (with jets not dogs)


Gif : https://imgur.com/a/rtfJogx

Set your camera to freecam (hit 2), then set your camera as shown in the picture and fly using your left ankle and knee to control your left/right and up/down movement (blue circle) , and the abs to control the roll of your craft (red circle).

Shoot by hitting V (grabbing), but only on the 5-long frames for realism !

Unfortunately, any dms will cause the game to crash in multiplayer, so I've made multiple versions to fit your needs :

- _sp for singleplayer, with dms.
- _mp_nodq for multiplayer without any dq, hitting an object or getting shot will turn your craft red.
- _mp_dq, same as above but any hits will also dq !
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