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Why j00 hate us? Elaboration, ftw.

Well, instead of taking it all out on one person, we decided to go for an all-out-offense on a clan! (WEEEE!)

Since we have a flock-mentality, we figured you'd have one too. You'd better. Besides, this is a game, meaning, wars are also fun and games.

It's not like we're gonna destroy your clan or anything.
Damn hive mind.


Must fight in war... war is good... baa--ram--ewe

But what's a few fights for dominance between friends? I think juo was part making an announcement / making a human hive joke. Note the superfluous way of saying "we wanna fight j00"

And chac's image is now my cellphone wallpaper.
guys, guys. we should maybe possibly take a lesson from these guys after we've lost enough brain cells! these guys are patriotic to the extent of sickness! their spirit is unmatched! (sure, thats only because ignorance is bliss, but who cares about that?)

we should take them without hostility, but hospitality! take them into our homes, and stuff them with as many cups of stfu as they can handle!
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are you having trouble reading pirate?
do you know the word "most"?
because you idea of it seems to be off

Are having trouble seeing culapou? Most, (yes your favorite word) of the people who psted here also posted in most of the other threads. Now I think you should stop assuming I'm an idiot and bring forward valuable arguments rather than point at a possible folly in my post.
What pirate said, you can go around calling people idiots, but if you have no arguments backing up your insults then you are as bad as the aforementioned idiot.

On a lighter note: TCap has reached the pinnacle of cowardice. thank you
hmmm. cula, they're pulling that card, should we pull the "its a game, wtf do u mean cowardice tardfarm?!" card? or maybe the "go away, eat grass, and fart, you rabid contradictions of nature." card? we could possibly drag out the "yeah, we'll fight you if you fuck off afterwards." card.

pick a card! any card! one and all!