i loved the opener and the leg raise was really smooth. i didn't like how uke hit the ground but you got him back up really nice. the punch was smooth and with what you left off with this might be the weirdest greatest manip I've seen in a while
I can't really judge this very well since I'm pretty bad at manips, but that opener. Oh boy that opener...

Was good. dat buildup for nothing tho.

And I like your spacing. It prevents some messy contacts that look really ugly.

Yeah that's all I got .-.
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I did a branched replay in case you guys weren't satisfied with one.
I know you guys hate branched replays from me, but I like it when you hate it.
I'm also very sorry that I broke up to my words that I'd post the replay the day after. It's that that I didn't get to use the computer very much this week because too much project, next week probably-but after next week's Thursday I'll probably be making it rain with replays.
CnC is very much appreciated, thank you.
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I'm back from the dead. I got hooked over a Facebook game and also trying some things with Paint SAI.(My Skype, Steam, Forum prof pics are made by mine, obviously.)
I will be back with a lot more replays.
To be expected before the end of the year:
● 2 collab replays. (I can add some more, so if you guys want a collab with me just post here.)
● 3 remade old replays.
● 2 or more Tricking replays.
● - (you can suggest)
Peace out, coolios.
CnC is MUCH appreciated.
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generic opener is generic

kick to get both hips was nice, could get a boom

cool boom

ground dm glute

gj m8
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I feel like I've seen that opener before... I really like what you did with the second hit though, good job.
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opener was nice, but you could probably do the same thing with a higher ed

rest of the manip was nice

split and decap was nice
invite me to your clan ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I've said this before, but you officially surpassed me. Not even I was that good when I was at my prime.


Opener was really smooth. Minor ghosting problem.
The little launch before the kick looked so sick. It also made the kick really flow in despite being so close to Uke. You been taking lessons from Larfen?
Not the best follow up with the 2nd kick, but the rest of the replay made up for it.
Pose was solid.

Omega good job.

I forgot what I was gonna write here...

That joke was just an excuse for me not to write CnC because I can't judge anything I'm bad at very well.

Omega good job.
"they're like enormous pillows of disgusting girly meat" ~Orih 2016
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Oh that manip was sweeeeet. The super quick movements cancel out the stress the small twitches put on my eyes. I like to think your Tori is on a moderate amount of cocaine.