Didn't flow well, very weird positioning, as accused had said the contracted wrist, and you kept changing speeds and it made it look ugly
Dude ur kinda blind positining wasn't wired it better than doing generic stuff And da flow was right And i know wat is ur alt.
~Risk Every Thing
Well as a kids thank you, And when u guys have a fight with some one dont attack his thread crying.

And try to be more honest with ur selfs.
~Risk Every Thing
New REPLAYS i supposted to do it yestarday but eh no time check it out.

*And pls CNC*
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#Pdkm~Compass.rpl (356.3 KB, 16 views)
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~Risk Every Thing
Alright, here we go; I will CnC Compass as it seemed to be my favorite...

It had a very interesting opener, first off I will say that I liked it but you could (optionally) try to fuse your movement next time, it looked like you moved one arm or one leg at a time, yet the manip was still well done, it looked kinda funny in fact, so it added a little bit spice to the replay.
The DM's were okay, a little bit better than okay TBH which means I liked them personally... You should try adding consistency to your DM's, maybe try making actual combo's? It was pretty solid and you don't have to do any of what I'm telling you, I'm just suggesting really.

A very, very reliable 8/10 from me.