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[VID]Replays for a vid. No TC needed.
Ok, I need some replays. Just send me what you got, and I'll check them out. I prefer long and high quality replays. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece. Just something where I know what you were going for. If I don't get enough replays, I'll let you know.

Depending on how much time I'll have will very when the video will be out. It shouldn't take long, maybe a day (That's if I get a shit ton of replays quickly).

Oh, and it would help if you already keyframed the replay. And if you are not the best, it's okay.

If you are wondering my Youtube channel, it's JUSTAHOLiDAY5. I'm out of replays to edit, so I thought why not ask the Toribash community for help.
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I've moved this to the 'events' section, and added the [vid] tag. Please remember this is where threads like this belong.
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