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I love this replay right here , the opener was sexy , but the manipulation was alright... You were just basically hitting up into the air , not at least twirling him around. The first dm was dope ;o , and everything after was really fucking sweet.

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God that was awesome those twists are spot on. The speed and execution was magnificent not too fast not too slow.

I must agree with young that the first dm was pretty sick

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anyone interested in collab'n?

You make the opener. We are gonna divide the replay into parts.

Took a break now its time to bounce back.

Collab with rnyitcpk
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Another excellent replay.
Opener was nice, i couldn't say it was generic because it looked like you made a fresh opener, and even if it was i don't care about opener.

Transition from the opener was slick as always, the split punch was sex. it was so fucking smooth i don't believe you.
And the bicycle kick was cool, but i tend to dislike it for a some reasons, and one of it was because it just ruined the flow in my opinion.

You still wanna collaborate?
If you do add my discord.

i like your manips a lot, they are creative and quite smooth. the only issue i take is sometimes you are in some awkward positions/poses makes it just a little off. otherwise perfect imo