you aint been in the mud
some parts flowed well
my kind of replay
cool decap
some parts flowed poorly
the little ding on uke's thigh
could be a little longer
Things you could do:
i like this kind of replay, it's simple yet pleasant to watch, the decap is really satisfying, i also like the flow, although there are parts that fucks with the flow a little bit(when you hopped at 860), you also grazed uke's thigh a little, making it less clean, maybe you should time your limbs contraction and extension better, go back a few frames and work on it, your movement is a little stiff too, decent replay 7/10.

Sweet replay. You have really good flow, and you made weightlessness look really good. My favourite part was at 720. You kept your speed up for the entire thing, so that was pretty cool. I think this could have been made into something other than just a decap though.

Still a great replay c:
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really liked that opener.
a bit much relaxed but spins were cool
Aadame:I'm very signaturable
It's just no one usues my shit .
been three days, just testing around with some stuff this isn't one of my best but its one of the better of the random ones i made
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psst i give up on the relaxed manip
why is that stuck in my foot
cool opener
opener transitions perfectly to each part
hot double knee
good flow
awkward last kick
Things you should do:
Okay, this is a really well done replay, really suits your style, spins are real great and a really nice seamless flow, not even the double knee kills it, however, the second kick was bad, it makes your tori looks like "oh look an opportunity to kick" and reaches out for it, i mean the resulting boom wasn't bad but it's just weird, also, your movements are a bit weird and pretty avant garde, but it's not a bad thing and can define your style, because with those movements you can make a solid replay like this. Good job 8.5/10
That opener was sick I liked how none of the movements you made in the joints caused any of the rotational flow to stop at all. After you got into the heli-kick stance though, you had sooo many other options to lead into other than lowering both your shoulders and contracting both your elbows. You re-extended both the elbows all the way and kept them that way, leading into a sort of grapple into the double knee. Grappling is totally fine, but keeping fully extended elbows for a while doesn't look pretty to me. The double knee was pretty alright. I thought it was a bit of a messy kick due to how close you pulled yourself to uke. The last kick was pretty random and unnecessary to say the least. Pretty much it's just one of those moments where looks overpowers destruction. Try not to go for the hits that don't give a pleasant view. That's pretty much it for that replay. Keep working on flowing through your hits. You could get really good at making sexy replays, you just need to find the right options to choose when you're planning out what to do next. ^^
thanks for all the feedback guys really helps!! so this is a concept really i was
hoping you guys could give an opinion on if i should do some more of these
cause there is a huge potential in this mod, also this is an unfamiliar gravity.
so i apologize for my bad movements its double what i usually do.
im planning to go back in a familiar gravity and doing another one of these for better results.

anyways look forward to seeing your feedback on the mod and thanks again for
your feedback on the last replays.

also the mod was made by datskip
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