you're one of player that inspire me to make ART, thank you for being here
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All hail chris, master artist and trundle enthusiast!

Hail Chris, master artist.
I already started sketch of Trundle with new Oni Skin on 3 days ago.

Oni Trundle

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Hello chris :3
Nice to meet you.

Hi Trocher3. Nice to meet you too.
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Hi chris,
just passing here.

let me try your request.

Ooo I can't wait for that.
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you're one of player that inspire me to make ART, thank you for being here

No problem
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yur texters r pretty gr8

ill make sure to make a big sloppy penis just for you

Hi Marrez. You should post picture of sloppy penis there please. :^)
I'm just kidding

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hi chris you're an okay drawer

Hi hanz0

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nice foreshortening chris.
your lines are great too.

In 2016, I'm no longer a member of toribash forum. The ex-administration (who's permbanned now) used to power abuse and opposed to me, and we are unable to reach a compromise. I am morally prohibited from staying here. I might still posting around on my friend or clan threads sometimes but not much. Goodbye.
Hi artist. Why do artists hate making sets?

Oh and I like the cool things that come out of your brain sometimes.
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PS: I want you to draw me a picture of Spider-werewolf Vs. werebat Batman. please.

Hi, Chris.
Hail my mouse powers!
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